[Gimp-user] Can Not Draw Simple Line

There are a few possibilities. Check the attached screenshot

1. There is a tiny active selection. Can be so small it is not
noticeable. Use Select -> None to close any selection.

2. The brush is an empty clipboard brush. Select a different brush.

3. The brush mode is not suitable. Check and change to Normal if

4. The opacity is set to zero. Increase the opacity. Still in the
dialogue check that dynamics is set to off and Force is not zero

If the tool icon has a bar symbol against it it might be

5. The pixel and/or alpha lock(s) are on. Click to toggle on/off

6. Using a layer with visibility off. Click to turn visibility on/off

If you have more than one layer it could be that you have one of the lower
layers selected as the active one.

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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