[Gimp-user] Stitching Photos

I can't seem to make this work; I don't see any option for enlarging the
workspace.  I can enlarge the canvas as much as I want, but this doesn't change
the size of the "window" through which my content is visible.  As I paste in the
second image and slide it over--in this case to the right, it disappears.  It's
almost like the second image is sliding under the blank background that was
created when I enlarged the canvas.

I'm not sure what the official way to solve this is, but when I am putting several imagestogether, I look at 
each in an image viewer to see what the width and height are in pixels, add those figures together as is 
appropriate to how the images will be placed in the final image (if I am not sure, I just make it bigger than 
I think I will need - I can always crop it down later), and then open GIMP.I immediately do a File->New> and 
set the width and height to the figures I calculated,and under Advanced Options set the initial content to 
Fill With whatever color you want.I usually pick white, but you could use the fore- or background color, or 
transparency.(You may wish to set the x- and y- resolution, but I don't know if it is really necessary - mine 
is set to 300 ppi, but I don't know if that is default, or because I set it some time...)
Now that I have a background layer that is (at least) large enough, I then File->Open as Layersall of the 
images that will be used to make the final image (remember, you can save time byCtrl-Clicking multiple 
individual files in the same directory, and shift-clicking the first and lastfile of multiple files that are 
located right next to each other in the same directory).
Now, just move things around as you like, and/or cut/paste parts of one layer onto otherlayers, etc.
Sometimes, when I know that I only want a little from each image, I will just cut/paste bitsof each layer 
onto the background, and play around with exact placement there, later...
When I go on a trip, I will often use this technique to open pages of a downloaded .pdffile of a complete bus 
schedule, knowing that I only need a few lines on a few pages.I'll cut and paste those lines, and probably 
the page headings, on what will end up asonly one printed page, which I can then take with me.

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