[Gimp-user] When Color Managed Display is turned on in Windows?

What happens when "Color Managed Display" is turned on in Windows?
(and what about try to use system monitor profile checkbox?)

I have a software-corrected sRGB-gamma .icc profile loaded in Windows
So the monitor displays more or less correct colors and relatively
fine intensity by default.

So should I define the same monitor profile in GIMP? When the colors
are already correct? If it adds to the image only difference of the
mentioned profile with OS-managed profile? so the correction is zero?

I guess,
If GIMP calculates difference of the mentioned profile with sRGB, then
probably colors should go out of control?

So should I set there my real monitor's profile, or sRGB, when the
color is managed by Windows?

Does having the monitor profile on/off in either of Gimp / MS system affect the
way out-of-gamut colors are shown?

Otherwise, if there is no difference I would keep the monitor icm enabled in
Gimp  (just on the basic of no-visible-difference).

Want a better answer?  Best ask on https://discuss.pixls.us/

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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