[Gimp-user] reading from txt file

Hi !

I want to create a multi-layer file by reading from a txt file x/y position and
image name.

I've tried to read from file with code below

                (let* ((fd (fopen filename)))
                        (let*   (
                                (c (fread 1 fd))
                                (res "")
                (while (and c (not (equal? c " ")))
                                (set! res (string-append res c))
                                (set! c (fread 1 fd)))
                                (if (equal? res "")
                                        (cons (string->number res) ())
                        (gimp-message (string-append "PosX: " (number->string res)))

I do not understand why it returns :"Error: eval: unbound variable: res "

Could you help, please ?

charlysangel (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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