Re: [Gimp-user] ghost outline

On 7/7/19 9:22 PM, Rick Kline wrote:
Once you make your selection, open the Select menu, Grow..., Grow selection by 1 px, click OK

Selecting areas, especially with the Fuzzy Select Tool, Select By Color Tool, etc, often leaves a border 
where the pixels don’t match the selection criteria.

Let us know if that helps.

Another method that might help:  Set the mode of the layer with the line
art to "Darken Only."  Depending on how high the contrast between the
light and dark areas of the line art, and how much brighter the layer
inder the line art is, that might give the results you need all in one
go without having to select anything.  The Brightness / Contrast tool,
or the Levels tool, can adjust the contrast in the line art layer to
make black blacker and white whiter.

Using the Erase tool on the line art layer (or, better, adding a layer
mask and painting in black to make parts of the layer 'disappear- a
reversible process) can remove unwanted bits from the line art layer, if
Darken Only mode does not remove everything you want to eliminate.

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