[Gimp-user] download the user manual

how do I download the user manual for Windows 10?  when I click on
download it pops up different section but its not in English...

Assuming you have Gimp 2.10.x installed

There is no down-loadable / install-able Gimp 2.10 help for Windows users at the
moment. You have a choice, use the on-line version which should take you to:


Problems with language / help browser If your computer is set up for non-English
check in Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> and try changing from System
Language to EN (if it is there)

or download and install the previous Gimp 2.8 help

This does install and work and might be sufficient for general use, although
obviously the new features of Gimp 2.10 are not there.

Edit -> Preference -> Help System The built-in help browser option is broken,
change to  web browser.

If all of that does not work (high probability) then there is a Gimp 2.10 help
in PDF format at  http://gimp.linux.it/www/meta/ 1000 pages indexed.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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