[Gimp-user] Thickening/darkening lines of scanned images


I’m a newbie to Gimp. Please could you help! 

I’ve collated self portraits from a class of 30 pupils to create artwork for a
printed tea towel. Each self portrait is very different, varying from, pencil,
felt tip pens, crayons to biro. Some black and white, most are in colour. Every
picture has been scanned in ready to create the artwork.

My problem is, how can I thicken and darken very thin/faint lines of scanned
images? And is there a quick way of doing this?
I really don’t want to be using a paint brush/or pencil tool going round each
image, as this will take me a very long time!


Chungster (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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