[Gimp-user] Where are GIMP 2.10 Files on Mac?

I have now downloaded GIMP 2.10 three times.  I am using a MacBook Pro, Mid
2012, running Mojave.
The initial download is smooth, no probs.  Click the DNG file and you are
brought an Install Drive.  Click that and there is a window with the GIMP icon
to drag to Applications folder.  The Application is in the folder, all 426 MB of
it.  I only discovered this problem after wanting to add new brushes.  When I go
to my Library, in the GIMP folder, there is only the old files for 2.8.  No
folders anywhere for 2.10!   I added my brushes to that folder just to see if
somehow 2.10 was using its contents, but no go.
   So where might I access GIMP's folders, if they are not in my Library?

Any clues?  Any guesses?  Any help would be appreciated.  I am enjoying the new
look, and functionality of 2.10, and I really don't want to go back.

Thanks in advance...


Bluize56 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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