[Gimp-user] Filter Add Bevel not working properly

I am working on Windows 10 with GIMP 2.10.14. My problem is, that the filter
Add Bevel does not produce any bevel.

What I did:

In a xcf-file with about 1800x1200 px at 300 ppi.

I created a text,

duplicated the text and rasterized it, 

selected the letters of the text by color,

chose Filters > Decor > Add Bevel: Thickness 15.

First, I did not select Work on copy, nor Keep bump layer.

I hit OK, the filter works for some moment with the selection, but does not
create a bevel on the text (which is large and broad enough, in GIMP 2.8 it

Then I selected Work on copy and Keep bump layer and repeatedly used the
filter. The filter created a copy of the image and produced a bump layer
with a stepped border on the text. But again, no effect on the selected text
in the image.

Do I miss something or did I hit a bug?



klausgoelker gmail com

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