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On Wed, 2019-12-11 at 17:53 +0100, Epick wrote:
starting from 1 to 360. How can I efficiently number those tickets?

Include page numbers when you print?

The functionality you need could be scripted, e.g. in script-fo
(Scheme) or Python; i know not whether someone has done this already.

Or you could do it like this:
(1) make a text file with the numbers in it. E.g.
perl -le 'foreach my $i (1 .. 500 ) { print sprintf("%00d", $i); }' >
if you are on Linux

(2) in your image, make a text layer that goes from the top of the
first number box to te bottom. Set the font to (say) Stardos Stencil
Bold :) size 90, line height 280, and check Use editor; paste the first
six lines of the text file.

(3) duplicate the text layer, move it right for the 2nd column, paste
the next 6 lines.

(4) export to page1.png

(5) repeat, editing the layers. This isn't automatic, but doing a dozen
at a time in two layers isn't too bad.

(6) now you can open all the output files and export to pdf with layers
as pages.

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