[Gimp-user] What ever happened to pluggable tools?

I ran into a number of posts on this subject, the latest being maybe 2008. GIMP
has a wonderfully robust plug-in system and support for at least four languages;
but at the moment, we seem to be confined to registering to a menu. The ability
to create a custom brush, or to have the kind of flexibility in interface
control that has been implemented in, say, Blender, would be very useful to an
engineering-inclined designer.

Of course, the buck always stops somewhere and I do understand that this would
allow for unwarranted design-policy violations in the UI from random plug-ins.
I've been digging through the GIMP source and headers for a while, and haven't
found anything that looks like a candidate. Is this because it can't be done, or
am I just going code-blind?

Michael-Macha (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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