[Gimp-user] Best way to blend 2 pics

One way is using a layer mask. Layer -> Mask -> Add layer Mask (White)

With the layer mask active, all depends on the image, often a black to
white circular gradient fades out the edges. Your image, the head
could do with more border but with the mask active paint on the canvas
with a large-ish fuzzy brush, edge of the brush just clipping the edge
of the head layer.

some info here: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Layer_Masks/

Attached a gimp file with a larger image, all the layers,  the sort of
size to aim for.

The 2 example labels are exactly what I need to do. I'm amazed what you were
able to do with my PDF and the other example is really good.

I've never used a layer mask and I read the layer mask tutorial and it all makes
sense. What I'm not getting is what constitutes a large fuzzy brush. Which tool
do I use? I see all these brushes on the bottom right, but none of them are
named fuzzy brush.

 I've tried ones that I thought were it, but nothing is working like your
example. I see that when I choose a brush on the bottom right that all the
parameters show up in the left side area.  Even in your example, I haven't been
able to even come close to duplicating what you did. I love the soft transition
from clouds to face. Like she's floating inside a cloud - perfect.

You said   a black to white circular gradient fades out the edges. This sounds
just right and I see on the bottom right where I can choose brushes or gradients
and there are so many to choose. Which one do I choose? The ones I've tried
didn't work too well.

Sorry to be such a newbie on this, but can you explain a little better for a
novice? I sure appreciate  and am in awe of your immense knowledge and

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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