[Gimp-user] Questionable implementation of layer list / groups

Maybe there aren't that many people using Gimp who find the
implementation of layer groups confusing and non-intuitive.

Coming from some other application perhaps, still not familiar with Gimp. Nobody
pretends that Gimp works the same as 'some other' graphics application - why
should it? There is a learning curve

I work with projects of around 100 layers and being able to do normal
things that we can do when managing files in a file manager window or
lots of other applications with a list of things, to find Gimp has its
own idiosyncratic limited implementation of a list of layers is very

Some examples
- if I have selected a layer group then I should be able to drag that
whole group of layers in the canvas to a new location. After all I can
drag that layer group to a new location in the layer list. But hello!
I can't drag the group of layers together in the canvas unless I go
through every layer in the group and turn on the link to join them all
together. And then turning off the link on other layers

The move tool has a 'Move the active layer' toggle useful if a layer (such as
text) has lots of transparency. The Gimp move tool will find the first layer
with a solid pixel under the cursor. However for a layer group, with the cursor
on the layer group icon in the layer dialogue the whole group moves.

- I can't just select all the layers in the group and apply the link
to all of them at once because the layer list can only ever have one
item selected at a time. Same applies to the other types of operations
like the different types of locks.

This works the same in any Gimp image. Hold the shift key down and links are
toggled on/off A layer group is treated as a regular layer. The same applies
inside a group. Shift-click on the link icon toggles on/off inside the layer

The other problem is creating a layer group uses up unnecessary
additional resources beyond what is needed to simply group layers
together in the layer list or on the canvas. This can add unwanted
gigabytes to a large project file on disk and slow down a lot of
operations significantly.

True. However the size (in memory) depends on the size of the layers. Just made
a small example - 20 layers and as percentages.

All layers the size of the canvas as a base value: 100%

Two layer groups added to include some layers: 107%

but what happens if the layers are cropped to a minimal size for the contents

All layers:  10%

Plus two layer groups: 15%

Obviously depends on the layer contents but might save you some memory and file
size. There are shortcuts to crop layers to the contents.

Please consider that now that projects can be greater than 4 GB in
size, there are people out there working with 30 GB projects with
large numbers of layers who really need better ways of managing them.

There are but not that many. 

One thing that does come up now-and-again with large projects is saving the
image. Do be careful. Make sure that the save is complete. There is a progress
indication bottom of the image window. Closing Gimp while saving-is-in-progress
has led to disasters. The developers have made this better than it used to be
but.... Same as any application, keep backups, save frequently. There is no
automatic periodic-save at the moment, it is up to you.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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