[Gimp-user] Questionable implementation of layer list / groups

Maybe there aren't that many people using Gimp who find the implementation of
layer groups confusing and non-intuitive.

I work with projects of around 100 layers and being able to do normal things
that we can do when managing files in a file manager window or lots of other
applications with a list of things, to find Gimp has its own idiosyncratic
limited implementation of a list of layers is very frustrating.

Some examples
- if I have selected a layer group then I should be able to drag that whole
group of layers in the canvas to a new location. After all I can drag that layer
group to a new location in the layer list. But hello! I can't drag the group of
layers together in the canvas unless I go through every layer in the group and
turn on the link to join them all together. And then turning off the link on
other layers
- I can't just select all the layers in the group and apply the link to all of
them at once because the layer list can only ever have one item selected at a
time. Same applies to the other types of operations like the different types of

The other problem is creating a layer group uses up unnecessary additional
resources beyond what is needed to simply group layers together in the layer
list or on the canvas. This can add unwanted gigabytes to a large project file
on disk and slow down a lot of operations significantly.

Please consider that now that projects can be greater than 4 GB in size, there
are people out there working with 30 GB projects with large numbers of layers
who really need better ways of managing them.

BWK (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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