Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp 2 - hexa colour bug on Windows ?

I've tried with both colour pickers, and turned off colour management in
the options.

There are 2 differents results with the 2 pickers :x

With the picker inside the colour chooser popup :
After turning off the colour management, the needed #808080 becomes a
#818181 (no colour management), it was #7f7f7f before (with colour

If I use the picker from the toolbar, it's ok, #808080 is #808080.
I don't understand why there's a difference between those 2 pickers :/

I'm curious, and made another test.
In parallel, I'm using Affinity Photo+Designer, and created / exported
some grey+red pixels, then imported into Gimp.
Results are not always the same. A really little difference, as before.
Do have I to conclude there's a problem with the colour management on my
windows computer ?

Le 20/04/2019 à 21:33, Liam R E Quin a écrit :
There are two colour pickers in GIMP right now. One takes colours from
the image, and the other from anywhere on the screen.

Try turning off view->colour management->colour-manage this view
and you will probably get the same numbers, unless you are also using
display filters on the image window such as Gamma.

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