Re: [Gimp-user] I admit I'm an idiot

Dear iDiot =^D

Hold down the Command key (the one with the small Celtic knot-like symbol.) to select the source area. The 
manual was written by 
Windows users. In Windon’t, you use the control key.

Translating from Windit to Macinese:

Windows “Control” key = Mac Command key
Windows “Alt” key = Mac Option key
Windows “Shift” key, strangely enough = Mac Shift key.


On Apr 24, 2019, at 11:04 AM, Mac McMahon via gimp-user-list <gimp-user-list gnome org> wrote:


I’m a total amateur and only recently downloaded Gimp to my iMac, I’m trying to use the clone and healing 
tools. I read the tutorial, saw that I’m supposed to click on the area to be sourced while holding down the 
control key. However when I do that a dialogue box opens up with a whole series of further options , I 
quite frankly don’t know how to delete the box, or which option to select. PLEASE HELP THIS IDIOT!!!!
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