[Gimp-user] Inserting text

You should give Operating system (Windows, linux, OSX) and the version
of Gimp you are using.

Guessing Windows and Gimp 2.10

if you can post a screenshot of the Gimp interface and a text entry,
that provides lots of information on what you are doing.

However, An all-in-one screenshot attached

The default Gimp 2.10 canvas is now quite large 1920x1080 pix but so
is the default font size 62 pix which shows up reasonably well (1)

Sometime you might have changed the font size to something small and
get something like (2) Unless you change some settings Gimp will save
that size for the next time you use Gimp.

You are now using Gimp with the text size set to some small size, 24
pix too small to see so you try and change the size using the on
canvas text tool (3) Nothing happens. The on-screen too works on
selected text, no text is selected so there is no change. Use the text
size setting in the Text toolbox (circled in 2)

Sorted! Didn't realise the size of canvas affected normal font size (say 18), so
thank you

bef1418 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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