[Gimp-user] Bend text (currently image) and symmetrical cutout

Hi everyone!

New to Gimp and liking it thus far but I have two problems I would
like some tips in solving.

In the attached picture there is some text at the bottom I would like
to bend slightly to follow the curvature at the bottom of motive. I
tried doing a path and writing the text (Ii-Generationssittning) in
Gimp, but it came out really pixely. Thus, I downloaded the same text
from a graphics generator to avoid this. Now I am having a hard time
getting this to bend along the edge.

Also, as you may notice, there is currently no background. I would to
make a symmetrical shape of what I have attached, with the image and
text in the center. I guess the end result would look something like a
keyhole with the image in the center. I have tried the ellipse tool
with path to selection, but that only allowed me to free form the
edges, not make it symmetrical.

Very grateful for any tips in solving this.

The second problem, the keyhole should come first. Not an ideal image for
enclosing in a keyhole shape. In particular the little ghost on the right gets
in the way of a narrow-ish keyhole shape. You could consider leaving that on the
outside, as a sort of pop-out.

Use the Gimp grid and guides as much as possible.

The first problem bending the text: The old curve-bend tool is still there but
does not work if there is transparency.
https://docs.gimp.org/en/plug-in-curve-bend.html It also introduces distortion.

quote ...I tried doing a path and writing the text in Gimp, but it came out
really pixely...unquote

That should not happen. You should try again. Then it depends on the amount of
curvature you intend. A slight curve ok, more than that and you need to space
the characters out in the text tool before applying text-along path.

Not easy for a newcomer to Gimp. This a video - 7 mins - on one way. Not a
tutorial more a few tips.  Biased towards beginner status. The keyhole shape in
particular I would make as a path but that involves a bit of practise.


* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/1033/original/picture1.png

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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