Re: [Gimp-user] Printing images to scale

On 10/10/2018 05:41 PM, Office TyAutDesigns wrote:
Hello, I have a 36" plotter printer. I take pdf Images and resize them so the men in our shop can use them 
as a template for product that we make. GIMP is great with resizing however when I go to print the images 
they aren't coming out to scale. I tried messing with the page setup and print options but nothing has been 
able to work. In the print options I go to image settings and there is a section that I can change image 
dimensions but it won't let me change them. Anybody have any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks!

The usual solution would be to export your finished image in JPG or PNG
format, depending on the required resolution:  JPG makes much smaller
files but introduces some noise; PNG makes larger files with no added
noise or loss of fine detail.

Then, import your finished image into a desktop publishing application
like Scribus (Free Software), set the page size and image dimensions
there, and export as PDF for printing.

This procedure should give very accurate results, although I would
suggest carefully measuring a test printout to assure that the printer
itself is not introducing any errors in scale or placement that would
require adjustment to compensate.


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