Re: [Gimp-user] Characters became tofu after deleting fonts on Ubuntu

---- On Sat, 06 Oct 2018 02:24:14 +0800 Ken Moffat via gimp-user-list <gimp-user-list gnome org> wrote ---- 
3. But in a default western layout, the fallback fonts are the DejaVu variants. In gnome applications, I 
needed to add DejaVu fonts several years ago because of odd tofu - the reason was whitespace varieties 
(non-breaking spaces and similar) and DejaVu provided these. The missing text uses a Sans font, at a small 
So, I suggest that you try adding the DejaVu Sans font.

Thanks for your reply. The problem was solved before I tried to reinstall DejaVu fonts. In fact, I installed 
Gimp from Ubuntu Software at the first time and then met the problem. Then I tried to install it by `sudo apt 
install gimp` and got Gimp 2.8, an old version. The characters could be displayed well on this version but I 
still wanted to use the latest version, gimp 2.10. Then I went to the official website of Gimp and installed 
Gimp by using flatpak. After installation, I surprisingly found that the problem had been solved.


The screenshot shows that Gimp is using the fonts Source Han Sans, which is set as the "interface fonts" by 
me. And when I change the fonts for the interface, the gimp changes, too. This is what I want. Obviously the 
gimp I downloaded from "Ubuntu Software" didn't use Source Han Sans. Maybe that one tried using DejaVu Sans 
but found nothing so displayed as tofu.

Possibly, your locale is affecting this. Which locale are you using ?
Well, I'm using en_US.UTF-8

I'm so happy that the problem was solved. Anyway, thanks for telling me so many knowledge and commands about 
fonts. That also helps me a lot since I'm a newbie in Linux.


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