Re: [Gimp-user] Book recommendation sought

On 11/15/18 7:41 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:

... > When using a layer mask to "mask out" unwanted
parts of imported images, the original layer is still there and you can
refine or change your cutting job by painting on the mask with white to
restore 'invisible' pixels, or black to 'erase' more of the pesky
things.  Paint on the mask with a soft edged brush to smoothly blend
edges - or, with the mask "active" in the layers dialog, do a "Fuzzy
Select" (magic wand) selection of a sharp edged area, drag and drop
white or black as required into the selection to feather its edge..
Heh, skipped a step.  Do Select > Feather Selection before the drag and
drop part.

Or, just use the Free Select tool to draw a sloppy outline around the
part of the mask you want to feather, and with that selection active,
use Gaussian Blur to make the sharp edges included in your selection


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