[Gimp-user] Button Bar not responding

New Info:

So I have figured something out.... 

If the layer dialog bar is a certain height the button bar seems to work just
fine, under a certain height the problem below occurs. So if I move up the dock
below the layer dialog everything works fine.

Any ideas what can be done? (As in who I can make aware of this issue.)

I added an image to explain better - If the read is too long the buttons do not
work - If I rise the blow below it the buttons do work.

Thanks again.

Hello Gimp Family, 

So I have been having this issue where if I try and use the buttons on
the 'button bar' underneath the layers dialog they only seem to be
responding once. As in if I try and duplicate a layer or delete one I
am only able to click the button once and after the that it is not

After that, I need to click within an area within the layer dialog
again and then I am able to use the button bar once again.

This isn't a freezing or lock up, its more like you click out of a
window and have to click back in again in order to interact with it

This is quite annoying when you are trying to add multiple layer
duplicates and other such function.

Specs: Windows 10, Gimp Version 2.10.06, dual monitor (For gimp I only
use one side)

Thanks in advance!

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/1042/original/Button_bar_Measure.PNG

knowthyself (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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