[Gimp-user] user feedback - tiling window managers and such


Thanks to everyone who has worked on GIMP, I've used it loads over the
years, I'm currently using it to make tiles for a game similar to the 1994
game Outpost,

Hope this is the right place for user feedback. I'm not a typical user -
I'd prefer to spend my time in emacs, to be honest, and I still use
ratpoison as my window manager. Gimp's a bit frustrating here because:

1. The default multi-window setting doesn't fail gracefully. It flickers
awfully with no suggestion of how to fix it.
2. Once one gets everything working, the panels are kind of unintuitive,
the arrow that points left doesn't collaps the thing, but comes up with
another menu.
3. Things are generally confusing to people coming from a program like

I wouldn't be complaining if I wasn't willing to help (though I'm only free
on weekends, I have a job, yay) and I completely understand if power users
take preference - I do use emacs, after all. Just thought I'd share. But #1
in particular seems like a bug, maybe not with Gimp, but somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

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