[Gimp-user] How to create a layer of only guide lines?

I'm working on a CD Label. The template has lots of text instructions
on it. So I'd like to pattern just simply the inner circle of the CD
cutout and the outer circle border of the CD that's a layer but only
those 2 circles.  Everything else is see though. This way I can
overlay it on top of my CD graphics and accurately see the inner and
outer borders. What's the best way to do this?

Use the UD109.pdf as a base, open @ 300 ppi

Add a new transparent layer, top of the layer stack.

Set horizontal and vertical 50% guides Image -> Guides -> New Guide (by percent)
Fortunately the pdf is symmetrical.

Check that View -> Snap to Guides is on

Use the elliptical select tool. Set the tool properties to Fixed Aspect ratio
(1:1) and expand from center.

Draw out the selection from the guides intersection to fit the pdf.

Use Edit -> Stroke selection to paint the circle on the layer.

Repeat for other circle. Turn off selection.

All your artwork goes under that layer. Save as a Gimp .xcf to keep all the
layers, guides etc.

Before exporting as a jpg/tiff/... turn off the visibility of the layer.

The above as a 3 minute video https://youtu.be/0UgVavZ3l78

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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