[Gimp-user] Windows 10 Gimp 2.9.6 Resynthesizer V1.0

10 files? I do not know which version you are using but resynthesizer
does work. I recommend removing those.

Get resynthesizer from here:

(no longer pay for this account so put up with some adverts)

Unzip and put the two files from the 64 bit folder 'resynthesizer' and
'resynthesizer-gui' in the Gimp profile


Add any of the python plugins that you need, typically heal-selection:
screenshot 1

Still in the usual place Filters -> Map -> Resynthesizer: screenshot 2

Many of these plugins have never been updated (even for Gimp 2.8.x)
and even when the plugin works there are deprecated procedure
warnings. Heal selection still in the usual place Filters -> Enhance
-> Heal Selection: screenshot 3

The way to suppress the pop-ups is use the command line switch

Add it to the shortcut screenshot 4

rich: www,gimp-forum.net
Hi, I was having the same problem missing dll file. I got my version from
http://registry.gimp.org/node/27986 said it was the latest! I did what you
suggested, downloaded your zip file, but put them in"program
files\Gimp\gimp\lib\gimp\2.0\plugins" and all is well. I did not have to do the
command line switch command, no errors showing up. As I have the 64 bit version,
I used that version of the exe files. Thank You for fixing the problem.

lostcowboy (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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