Re: [Gimp-user] Precompiled GIMP on macOS does not recognize plugins

Files in plugins are standalone programs. As such, in OSX as in all
Unixen, they should have the executable bit.

Perhaps this is a misunderstanding of the plug-in format on my part,
but why would the Python scripts be executed as standalone programs?
Wouldn't they be imported by the main GIMP runtime? I can't imagine
how the register() function call would work otherwise. Plus, the
documentation at


    In fact, you will find that the GIMP-Python scripts start with the
    line !/usr/bin/python . The GIMP extension is loaded with the
    familiar import command.

From the Resynthesizer issue I linked:

    A better fix [than making the scripts executable] might be for
    someone to fix GIMP itself. This is a long-standing gotcha, as you
    probably found on the mailing list: many people know the issue
    exists and how to solve it. AFAIK, no other app requires python
    scripts to have executable permissions. I could be wrong, maybe
    there is a valid reason GIMP requires it.

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