[Gimp-user] UI is resetting every time I close GIMP

Recently my GIMP UI has been resetting todefault each time I close it.  I don't
close it often, but sometimes my computer likes to restart on its own or it dies
if Im not paying close enough attention.  It has done this to me a couple times
in the past, but when I fixed the UI it was fine again. This time, even though I
have reset the UI to my liking, it is still reverting to default when it is
closed.  I have searched for solutions, but all I can find are people asking how
to reset their UI to default, not how to keep it from doing it on its own.

I am using GIMP 2.8.22 on an ASUS RoG laptop running Windows 10 home edition.

Selarono (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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