Re: [Gimp-user] Error with plug-in Advanced Tone Mapping

On 07/26/2018 06:05:50 PM, Gerald Brosseau wrote:
I have always the same error with the Advanced Tone Mapping on large image ! (14903 x 5239 last attemp image size @ 300dpi)

Erreur lors de l’exécution de script-fu-advanced-tone-mapping :

Error: Procedure execution of plug-in-gauss failed on invalid input arguments:

La procédure « plug-in-gauss » a été appelée avec la valeur « 906,390000 » pour le paramètre « horizontal »

(#4, type gdouble). Cette valeur est hors-limite.

Any hint to correct this problem?

If one looks at advancedtonemapping.scm

it invokes Gimp's internal procedure plug-in-gauss which has limit of 500 for the blur radius.
I think, 500 is quite a lot.

But advancedtonemapping calls it with a blur radius of


When you invoke advancedtonemapping from within Gimp the first entry is

Gauss. Blur (% of img size):

Unfortunately, the default value is 10, the minimum you can enter is 1.

and with your image you have
width = 14903  height=  5239  which gives

blur_radius = blurAmmount * 20142/200 which is approximately

So, to meat the restriction imposed by plug-in-gauss you have to set
the blurAmmount to 4, at most.

If you need more fine grained control, you'd have to modify the file
advancedtonemapping.scm, e.g. by replacing the line

(car (gimp-drawable-height theLayer))) 200))))


(car (gimp-drawable-height theLayer))) 2000))))


SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Gauss. Blur (% of img size)" '(10 1 100 1 10 0 0)

SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Gauss. Blur (%o of img size)" '(10 1 100 1 10 0 0)

i.e. the entry is taken as  parts per thousand.


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