[Gimp-user] Blender & Gimp combination in Linux MInt


I have Linux Mint version 18.3 Cinnamon (64) bit

I'm using Blender 2.79b (Cycles)

I downloaded Gimp as a flatpack (2.10)

This is the path where Gimp.desktop is located:


However, when I use the function *Edit Images Externally* in Blender I get
the following error message:

Image editor could not be launched, please ensure that the path in User
Preferences > File is valid, and Blender has rights to launch it

Please note:

   1. I've already saved the image to edit externally.
   2. I verified the path where Gimp is located.
   3. I accessed Gimp as root and changed all access values to: READ &
   WRITE. The execute box is also checked.
   4. I also saved the User Preferences in Blender.

I need this option for UV mapping which is very important in Blender. I
just need to give Blender
the right path and permission to launch the application.

Can anyone help?

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