[Gimp-user] Extract photos from scan

Mainly, what is your operating system?

OS is linux

For linux (and maybe OSX) not Gimp but an ImageMagick bash script
There is a ready made one, although that would have to be wrapped up
in another to cycle through the 200 scans.

For me it doesn't matter if ImageMagick is the right tool for this job. And 
one more loop in a bash script should be no problem. 

So the tasks the script should manage is to detect those in itself always 
rectangular pictures ( but not necessarily rectangular in relation to the 
A4-sheet). I think there ist always a remarkable contrast line between 
the photograpy and the white background

Then it should extract / copy those found images into seperate files


bunnyflip (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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