[Gimp-user] Gimp 2.10.2 on Ubuntu

As a test I installed Gimp 2.10.2 under Windows 10 running in a VM on my
Xubuntu 18.04 system.  I'm seeing some significant slowness in a few
operations and particularly in opening the Preferences and other Dialogs --
something being reported by other users on the internet.  On the other hand
I had one person tell me that they had no problems with their custom
build.  Before replacing 2.8.22 under Ubuntu I wanted to see what other
people's experience has been.

Also, from what I've read, it does not appear that you can install 2.10
parallel to 2.8 successfully and use both.  If I'm wrong about that, please
let me know.

Any schedule for updating the Ubuntu repository with the current release?


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