[Gimp-user] Best way to make odd shaped Text boxes

It is possible in Gimp but mightily tedious. Simple regular shapes not
too difficult, get into filling complex shapes, outlines of animals
etc and it becomes a PITA.

For a simple shape. Have your text prepared and copied in some sort of
text editor or if you want you can type into Gimp.

1. Use the text editor option to draw an empty text box to encompass
the shape. shot 1

2. Paste (or type) the text into the text editor. shot 2

3. Go into the on-canvas text tool and pad out with spaces or break
lines with a carriage return (enter key). shot 3

Of course the tool to use is something like vector editor Inkscape
which has a text-flow-into-frame tool. https://i.imgur.com/zwusTd6.jpg

Saved as a svg and imported as a layer into Gimp.

I guess I'm not understanding some other steps you're taking. Sorry to be such a
newbie. To clarify exactly what I'm trying to do here's a PNG image to see what
I have. I created this by using the spacebar and breaking lines with enter. Now
I need to increase the font size and it throws off everything. With this new
text box I'm hoping to create, I assume I can change the text size and font
without having to redo all the spacebars, etc.

In your example, I checked use text editor and the box popped up and then I
moved my mouse to the upper left edge and started drawing a rectangle on the
canvas. it doesn't look like your image with the indentations. In pic #1. What
did I do wrong? I then needed to use the Zoom tool and change back to the text
tool and choose use text editor.

I pasted the text in the floating text editor box. I'm confused as to when I
need to actually work inside that floating text box and when I need to actually
work with the text on the on canvas text box. I've had trouble with the text
being way too small at 18, so I had to raise it to 29. I did this on canvas.

Do I pad out with spaces and use enter inside the on canvas text box? How does
that freeze the borders of that box, so when I increase the font it'll all stay
inside? I would appreciate if you could clarify a little more, sorry to be a

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/977/original/CD_INSIDE.JPG

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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