Re: [Gimp-user] exchange color range to change tint

On 12/18/2017 10:38 AM, ottenm wrote:
rich404!  Can't thank you enough!

Here's the steps I'm following:

Colors > Desaturate > Luminosity
Layer > New Layer > Transparency
Select foreground color > bucket fill
Window > Dockable Dialogs > Layers > adjust opacity and mode for this layer
(both at the top) to:
   Overlay, Screen, Addition, Hard light, Grain merge

Great results overall.  Struggling to create some brighter spheres as the
desaturated originall image is very dark/black (so even if I foreground a bright
color, it darkens significantly as I bring in the other layer).  Have tried
tweaking the brightness and contrast on the desaturated original, but the
reflection spots blur and loose definition.

Still, had none of that in my original question and your answer really helped. 
Would never have found it on my own.  Thank you!

Here's another function to check out:  Open your original image and
switch on the Hue/Saturation tool.  Click on the image and in the
toolbox that opens, give the Hue slider a try.  It seems to do a very
good job here, with the first sample image you provided.


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