[Gimp-user] no fonts in folder in contents

You need an OSX user to give a proper answer.

Gimp does not come with any fonts. It uses the fonts installed in the
system, which might be very many. In linux I can disable many of the
never-used fonts to reduce the number seen by Gimp.

This is reasonably up-to-date and might give a clue to a suitable font
manager.  (w*w*w.jklstudios.com/misc/osxfonts.html un-mux the url - it
kicked in some sort of protection by the forum software)

Any fonts that *only* you will only use with Gimp should go in your
gimp profile. Something like /Users/MyName/Library/Application
Support/Gimp/2.8/fonts if that is what is used these days.

Thank you :>)

Terry50 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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