[Gimp-user] smoothing curves

I made a circle; selected the border; and filled with color; and some
of the curve was real rough during those hard turns.  Is there a way
to smooth them?   How about inkscape and vectors??????
Thank you,

Gimp is a raster editor and works with pixels that are rectangular, so any curve
will have steps.

To give an appearance of smoothness anti-aliasing is used, semi-transparent
pixels to blend the hard edges.

Two things to consider with Gimp, 

1. The image mode. If the image is indexed, there is no anti-aliasing. The fix:
Image -> Mode -> RGB see: comparison.

2. The size of the image, pixel steps in a logo or icon, are more noticeable
than say a large circle on a poster sized image.

Using a vector. A vector circle can be scaled to any size. If imported into Gimp
as a svg, it will be anti-aliased. Then size comes into play. Exported, usually
as a png anti-aliasing will be applied, Then size comes into play. Printed or
displayed as a svg it will be anti-aliased

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/801/original/mode.jpg

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