Re: [Gimp-user] bubble bug

On 01/11/18 13:08, Matthieu RIDOLFO wrote:
Hi everybody,

texts in bubble infos are white in my gimp :

Not very handy is it ? :) Already re installed (sudo apt remove gimp --purge then sudo apt install gimp), no change... :(

Does anyone know how to fix this ? Thx in advance,

Possibly a problem with the Gimp theme you are using, which is not setting the bubble text color. Change  the Gimp theme or maybe change the bubble color in the general GTK settings.

This is Linux, reinstalling things isn't the best way to  fix problems. In the case of Gimp, all the Gimp settings are in your home directory  as ~/.gimp-2.8 which is not removed when you uninstall, so uninstall+reinstall rarely fixes things. Erasing/renaming ~/.gimp-2.8 makes Gimp recreate one with default values, and this can fix problems.

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