[Gimp-user] Crop to selection not working

Hey there! All of a sudden, the "Crop to Selection" option is grayed
out for me under both Image and Layer. I've tried different file
types, existing files, new files... I've unistalled & reinstalled
Gimp. It still won't let me crop anything no matter what I try! Any

I'm on Windows 7 (64-bit ) running the latest version of Gimp (2.10.6)

Thank you!

I had the same issue, after much messing around I found that my selection tool
mode was set to "Subtract", not the normal default of "Replace". No idea how I
did this, but it stayed that way even after a reboot.

I found if I double clicked on the selection tool, it would highlight the
configuration, and at the top there I could change the mode back to normal (also
using Shift would do what I needed).

Hopefully this helps someone else!

sillyfrog (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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