[Gimp-user] Huion H610PRO on linux

Any linux techies on here who've successfully gotten the Huion H610PRO with the 8192 pressure levels working?  Given the outdated howtos out there I'm confused about what I really need to do this right.  Currently the best I can do is get 4 pressure levels and no sign of the pad or pen in "xsetwacom -list".  I'm thinking it is using the evdev driver instead of the uclogic or something.

It is supposed to be supported in the kernel now, but does that mean the programmable buttons and full range of pressure levels is supported?  I'm just lost in how the evdev, wacom, uclogic, and digimend drivers interact and which are necessary to get full functionality and what the configuration is.

A link to a current howto that cuts to the chase in light of current kernels, current gimp, and full functionality welcome as well as any relevant advice even if not the entire enchilada



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