Re: [Gimp-user] PNG troubles

elicits an "internal server error".

Of course.  That is what we are talking about.  It doesn't render the
orignal  png file so the server can't created through imagemagik the
file images that are resized.  I tried to make this understandable in the original post.
If I failed, I'd be happy to try to explain it again.  But the server
can not produce images from png files because they are failing to be
rendered, and neither can the GIMP on the desktop. returns a 2K  file with HTML 
contents, even if it is named "ornimental_building_kent_st_2006_00557.png". So of course it isn't a valid 
image file for image editors

That is not an image.  It IS an HTML file.  (your eyes are not playing
tricks on you).  That is not the file being opened by the program.  
It is the html generated by the program that normally contains an image 
generated by the server generated from an original. is correct.

So IMHO before you cast doubts on the PNG format or Gimp, better
check that your server is fully functional.

The server has been fully function since 1998.

Maybe you can right click on the PNG file and try to open it with the
gimp and see if it renders on GNU/Linux.

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