[Gimp-user] PNG troubles

There has been a history that the PNG libraries have broken image
rendering of the previous libraries that I rendered with the GIMP.  Ten
years ago or so this happened because a bug was developed in the Free
Software libpng and when they closed the bug, a great portion of my
images stopped rendering and became useless, especially the early NYLXS
and Linux World Expo images, and 911 images I had converted to png format.

Now this seems to have happened again.  the GIMP and libpng can't render
images with the latest libraries.  So now a large number of my images
that I took in 2007 of my family and Brooklyn as it was transforming has
stopped rendering.  I a few months they won't work anywhere.

They had a couple of tools called optpng and few others that were
suppoded to fix these broken images.  Those tools failed to work on a
large number of the images.

I then proceded to attempt to write a program to fix them myself in C++.
I never really finished it.  It was an assignment for school where I was
trying to use the new C++ threads.  I had trouble getting the shared
memory to be accessable to multiple threads, but I did get low access to
the files.  ... but that is an aside.

There continues to be a core problem with the PNG format.  You can't
depend on it for archival purposes.  What works today might not
work tomorrow, and that is a huge problem for one of the core free
software projects.  Picutres __need__ to render now, and in a 100 years
from now, or they are worthless.

If you look at http://images.mrbrklyn.com

You will see a bunch of blank images.  Every one of those images are
being misrendered by the software.  That gallery uses imagmagik to
convert png images on the fly to multiple sizes and thumnails.  It can't
do it any longer.  I opened the original images in the gimp, and they
likewise don't render.

If you look at them in firefox though, they work.  But that is likely
just a matter of time before the new libaries cascade into the ecosystem

For example:


This broken image

is rendered from this original image


and the original  shows up in a browser

But if you try to open it up in the gimp, it doesn't render.  Nor does
it render in viewnoir or xv.  Some core and common library has to be
broken.  When the apache software tries to rescale it on the fly, it
can't renber it either.  And this is what happened last time.

Over time these images will become completely useless.

You can only conclude at this jucnture that PNG files are wholely
undependable and not a usable format.

This is with the gimp 2.10.4
gimp       8875                 ruben  mem       REG                8,2
  218808   15215884 /usr/lib/libpng16.so.16.34.0
gimp       8875  8876 gmain     ruben  mem       REG                8,2
  218808   15215884 /usr/lib/libpng16.so.16.34.0

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