[Gimp-user] Why...just why..when pasting a screenshot then using the selection tool, the only thing it does is move the image. There is no way to just select an area.

I just don't get it.  I'm trying to edit a screenshot. I paste the
screenshot (this is the second open screenshot I'm trying to edit, in a
second window).  I click the selection tool.  When I go to select the area
I want to use, instead it just moves the image around.  Like I switched
tools at some point.


I want to crop a second image and paste it into the first.  But every time
I go to select the specific part of image 2, all it does is move image 2
around instead of select.

I didn't choose the motherfreaking move selection tool.  I'm on the
selection tool.  I'm trying to choose an area to select, crop, then paste
into image 1.

But every time I go to select an area, it just moves the image and nothing

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