[Gimp-user] Copy text layers as text or python script to mass generate text layers

I want to merge two images 
I am first assuming that you wish to create a third image that is the merging of the two original images,
NOT that you wish to alter one of the images to add the other image's layers. (rather dangerous, in case of
mistakes; with a third image, one still has the original two intact images with which to start over).

I found that an edit->copy does not copy a text layer -- it makes it an image layer.

Maybe I am missing something, but why do you not just drag-n-drop the desired layer to the new image?
I just File->New 'd two images, created a text layer in one, and drag-n-drop 'd it into the other.
The first image's layer was intact, and the second image now had a new layer that was a duplicate of

the first image's layer - was definitely a text layer, as I was able to then text-edit it.

Perhaps there are so many layers that you feel you need to have a script to automate it.
I have not done scripting in GIMP, but I suppose there is some command to take a layer from
one image and copy it to another, which one could then just place in a command loop
to iterate over all the text layers...

Others would have to address that point.

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