Re: [Gimp-user] How to do a simple erase

On 09/20/2017 03:53 PM, Ofnuts wrote:
On 09/20/17 21:47, The Tick wrote:

How do I do a simple "erase" like other paint programs where I just
drag the mouse and the area under the brush is totally erased?

Googling for "erase leaves stairstep" and other searches I tried led

Check the brush spacing and set it to a very small value. Using a round
brush would still be better. You can make a "hard" round brush in the
brush editor (but IIRC there is one in the standard brushes

While we are on the subject of brushes, here's something you might find
useful:  A small set of variable (.vbr) brushes including a square one,
and instructions on how to set program options so you can change their
size and hardness on the fly using a couple of keyboard + mouse wheel
commands.  I am so used to them that I would be "lost without them."

This archived post has instructions for configuring the keyboard + mouse
wheel commands, and a download link for the brushes themselves:

When the available command to change between brushes via keyboard +
mouse commands gets fixed (the end of the menu list is a one way trap,
go past it and you can not get back to where you were without cycling
through /all/ the brushes), it will no longer be necessary to even look
at the brushes menu except on special occasions.  But that's a separate
issue and I have not even looked to see if there's an outstanding bug


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