Re: [Gimp-user] How to do a simple erase

On 09/20/17 21:47, The Tick wrote:

I'm using Gimp 2.8.22, win7x64

I managed to create a simple square "brush" since I saw nothing but fuzzy brushes by default. When I use the eraser tool, select my square, set the size to a nice big square and then drag the mouse, I get a very large stairstep as I drag. I experimented a bit more but now I cannot even get that -- it's erasing some sort of checkerboard pattern and not even 100%. So now I seem to have even broken the default settings.

How do I do a simple "erase" like other paint programs where I just drag the mouse and the area under the brush is totally erased?

Googling for "erase leaves stairstep" and other searches I tried led nowhere. _______________________________________________

Check the brush spacing and set it to a very small value. Using a round brush would still be better. You can make a "hard" round brush in the brush editor (but IIRC there is one in the standard brushes ("Hardness-100").

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