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I agree with Rich2005. Scribus is good...and free!

I have just finished using Scribus for a full-bleed poster and promo cards, plus a text-heavy handout. When I export to PDF, I rotate the file on export 180 dgrees to get the resultant PDF right way up on my screen (don't ask me why, it just works that way). It's easy to add crop and registration marks.

Using Styles for all text is really the way to go. Just wish I could easily convert manually formatted text into a style without having to recopy the para/char specs.

Bit of a learning curve, but so has everything else. The more I use it, the faster I get.

Rick S.

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When exporting my docment to PDF it adds a tiny white line down each
side, like the page isn't big enough. This doesn't happen when
exporting to JPEG, PNG and others.

Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening? I am looking to get
a poster printed & they've confirmed the best format for them is PDF.


You really need to give more details, OS, the Gimp version + details of image,
size in pixels, number of layers, width of the  'white lines' in  pixels, as
much as possible.

There have been similar reports over the years, I remember one that was just
caused by using A4 size and an odd ppi.

More usually transparent layers are to blame, so check that there are no
un-noticed transparent borders.

However, A PDF going to a commercial printer.

There should be a bleed area, typically 5 mm around the edges. - Ask the printer

Does the PDF need to be in CMYK and using a specific 'icc' profile - Ask the

Truthfully, Gimp is not the best tool for this, First choice would be the free
desktop publishing application Scribus.

Make your bitmaps in Gimp, any vector (svg) graphics in Inkscape, Import those
and add text in Scribus. Plenty Scribus tutorials around.

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