[Gimp-user] Huion tablets compatibility check request

With recent versions of Gimp I'm experiencing problems with my Huion h610pro
Clicking on canvas makes a single mark but dragging the stylus doesn't move the
cursor at all.
Tools that use single clicks work without problems.
The last version of Gimp that works fine is 2.8.18.
Is this something that the Gimp team could look into for future patches?
I really like the new additions in 2.8.22 and I'm bummed out that I have to miss
out on these.

My huion driver is a custom version of v11.

There's also another problem - often the tool changes when the stylus touches
the tablet. Sometimes it's enough to cycle through a few tools and the choice

I already posted here:
so feel free to remove this post if necessary.

torba (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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