[Gimp-user] Transparent background on flattened images?


My question:  Is there a straightforward way to get a transparent
background on a flattened image?

Not exactly what you request in the next bit

The top portion of the book cover I'm generating features two separate
images, a girl and a guy, brought together to give the illusion
they're with each other in the same setting.  I want to set a third
image (a blueprint vector) behind them, then reduce the opacity on the
first two layers so the blueprint lines show faintly through.


Or . . .  is there another a method for joining two images together so
their opacity can be adjusted without one image showing through the
other?  That would solve the problem, too.

Always better if you can show screenshots with the layers dialogue, otherwise it
is all a bit of a guess.

Anyway, without spending too much time on it, you might have something this
screenshot http://i.imgur.com/YoeXAON.jpg a front character layer, a back
character layer - with layer masks and a blueprint background.

Turn off the visibility of all layers (background) leaving the character layers
and create a new layer from those. Layer menu -> New from visible.

Then turn the visibility of the characters layers **off**, visibility of the
background **on**, and adjust the opacity of the 'new from visible'

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