[Gimp-user] Space 49 small images around a circle?

- Download/install dial-marks from here: 
- Make a circle path (circle selection and Select>>To Path, for
- Filter/Render/Paths/Dial marks and make a path with 49 marks with O 
width, the marks intersecting your circle
- In the Paths list, make both paths visible, right click and "Merge 
visible paths"
- View>Snap to active path
- Now use the Move tool to drag your objects, they will snap in
(if they are centered in their own layer)

See: http://i.imgur.com/uTAqbqo.png

A big thank you for all your diverse scenarios! I hope to try them to see what I
can learn.

After I posted my question, I couldn't just leave it alone. :-)

Digging around in the menus, I found Filters>Render>Line Nova. I played around
with the parameters until I got what I needed. (49 rays radiating from what
would be the centre of the CD image)

Then I drew a concentric circle of a size I guessed would work.

I scaled the little circular image. I pasted it as a new layer and dragged it to
fit between the rays and just touch the outside of the circle.

Once I had the 49, I deleted the base layer which got rid of the rays and the

I used Filter>Render>CD mask to create a new base layer and added the text

(I did this a few weeks ago, and don't remember the steps exactly, so please
excuse errors and omissions.)

One of you asked why "49"? The CD is a recording of a memorial service we held
here for the 49 people murdered on June 12 in Orlando, Florida.) I've attached
the finished image.

Again, thank you all very much! 

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/260/original/cd_print_image.jpg

billlee (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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