[Gimp-user] i think i found a bug?? not sure if im going about this the right way, the info i read on what to do seemed confusing

hello there, im not sure if im doing this right but i may have found a bug?
not sure. updated my gimp recently to the new 2.8.16, and sence i have
updated it, every time i open gimp, it will open to a half screen window,
wich it always has done, but when i go to expand the window, by dragging it
bigger from the side with my mouse , it freezes up, and then a pop up says
"gimp is not responding, end now?" and i am forced to end the program. now
it doesnt crash if i leave it as it opened in the smaller sized window, nor
does it crash when i make it full screen using the fullscreen button in the
top right of the window, just when i manually expand it with my mouse from
the side of the window.

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