[Gimp-user] Looking for default locations of program icons and keyboard shortcuts list


I'd like to create a custom keyboard (print stickers) for GIMP.  However, I
want to do this in a programmatic way so it can stay up-to-date with
version upgrades and customizations.

So I'd like to be able to get the following items in order to
programmatically combine them into a file that can be printed onto sticker

   - list of current keybindings <-> action
   - list of action <-> in-program icon image (preferably the larger icon)

This would allow me to place up to 4 (neutral/shift/ctrl/ctrl+shift) icons
in a square to be printed and stuck onto the appropriate key.

Given how useful it is to have a separate tool selector hardware and how
cheap keyboards are, it seems very useful to keep around a separate
hardware keyboard purely for when I'm in GIMP.  It doesn't even have to
have the letter keys on it because there is no problem having it connected
simultaneously with the typing keyboard.

I considered putting this into an app to allow me to turn a tablet into a
custom keyboard that sends the shortcut keys, but there is no substitute
for separate, hard, plastic keys.

I'd like to do this in Linux, and later see if anyone wants this for

Aner Ben-Artzi

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